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Thread: Droid - Bluetooth - Car Stereo

  1. davingreen
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    Droid - Bluetooth - Car Stereo

    My iPod was recently stolen from my car and I'm taking this as an opportunity to get completely away from Apple. I have a Droid mount in my car, and I wanted to know the possibilities and experiences with using the Droid and mount to play music via bluetooth.

    The iPod was simple, it plugged into the ipod cord and to my stereo, and I instantly had the music I had been listening to before. I can purchase a bluetooth attachment to replace the ipod one. Can this be done with the Droid? Has anyone found the combination of Music App, Bluetooth Settings and Droid Settings to make this as easy as an iPod hook-up?
  3. Droid Sensei
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    I cant help you with bluetooth, but I use it as a flash drive to my deck, just plugging it in, mounting the SD card, and away we go. There have been a few threads about BT stuff, so I'm sure someone around here has done something similar. Good luck.
  4. Droid Sensei
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    Quote Originally Posted by davingreen View Post
    I can purchase a bluetooth attachment to replace the ipod one. Can this be done with the Droid?
    Bluetooth? Absolutely. There are a lot of threads on this topic. I think most I've run across are in the Accessories forum.
  5. Droid
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    Yeah, it works great, all the sounds go via bluetooth (I use pandora, last.fm, rhapsody, google listen), my stereo is JVC KD-AVX44

  6. Droid Newbie
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    Sony do a good line in A2DP stereos, some are quite cheap, e.g. MEX-BT2700. You can take calls on it, play music and use AVRCP to do track fwd/back, pause/play.
  7. Junior Droid
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    Pioneer DEH-P9800BT

    I have a Pioneer DEH-P9800BT and I use the Seido Car Dock on a Kuda mount, meaning that I use my Droid daily in my commute and listen to Pandora music via BT. I also have an IPOD in the glove box connected via hardwire harness to the Pioneer, but in my opinion the Droid beats it sound quality hands down. Much of my IPOD music is ripped at 192Kbps but I believe the Droid sounds richer all around.

    I have one complaint, or perhaps this is user error (if anyone has a tip am all ears). I've had various Blackberry versions previously and all of them would connect to the Pioneer using Bluetooth automatically, meaning I leave BT on in the BB and anytime I get in the car, start the engine, the BT automatically would pair and connect. However, with the Droid I find that if BT is running when I get in the car, no connection occurs. Instead, I use the power widget and simply turn it on manually after I start the car and it connects. So I now use the widget to turn BT on and off every time I get in the car. Other than that, the BT works and sounds great in my setup.


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