I asked my verizion store to price match..they said they can't do that. Man, I really wish Verizon stores were all playing the same game here! That sux I lost out on $50! I am going to call them later today and tell them I am returning it to get a better price.. I'll see if they are willing to pricematch.

As for credit checks.. here is how it works since I just went thru this with our house. Even IF they look up your credit again, if it's within 30 days and the check is on the same specific item (in this case a phone check), it wont hurt you. In fact, if you did a credit check for different carriers, it wouldn't hurt you because it's the same ballpark thing you're looking at getting credit for. When we went to look at homes, we went to different builders, put in bids, and they all had to do credit checks. We had about 17 done in < 30 days.. our score was the same on all of them. So it won't affect you so long as you're within 30 days and it's for the same general thing.