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Thread: Have a few questions about rooting..

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    Have a few questions about rooting..

    I am finally getting my Droid tomorrow and have been reading as much as I can about it. I tried searching but I have many questions and no threads really encompassed all of them.

    First) I know rooting your droid voids your warranty. Is this permanent? When I had an iPhone and jailbroke it, the process was reversible. I'm not even really sure what rooting means, it just appears to be the equivalent of jailbreaking an iPhone.

    Second) I've read a lot about overclocking the CPU. Is this safe? Is there a noticeable performance boost?

    Third) When updates come out (i.e. 2.x, or whatever the next update is), will the phone be bricked until the rooting software is updated? I don't know how the Android updates work, if they're pushed automatically or what.

    Fourth) What general benefits do you gain from rooting your phone?

    Sorry for such a long post, I'm nearly positive I'll end up rooting my phone on the first day, but I was under the impression the Droid was already a pretty customizable and open sourced phone, so I'm confused about the need for rooting. I'm obviously missing something.
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    I would make sure you pay the extra for the insurance before you root.
    Also you should play with your droid the way it is out of the box just so you can appreciate what rooting adds. And you will have a good idea if any problems with phone is because of a bad rom or a bad phone. Maybe wait couple day to a week before rooting, just my opinion.


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