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Thread: Music stops playing??

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    Music stops playing??

    Has anyone had this issue with their Droid so far? This seems to happen in multiple programs, so I believe it to be a Droid issue rather than an issue with Droidlive, Mixzing, or RadioTime (the three music programs I use the most). I will be listening to music and suddenly it will stop playing.

    This usually happens after either unplugging the aux input or receiving a text message. After trying to restart the music program, it will clearly show that the song is progressing, but there is no sound. At that point, I have to go into a task killer and kill the program entirely. In almost every situation, the player will begin to play the music as normal after killing the program and restarting.

    Is this a known issue, or has anyone else had this problem? If so, are there any solutions?
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    Music player shuts off.

    My girlfriend and I both have the Moto Droid and mine will automatically shut off the music player or pandora about every 10 minutes or so but hers will play continuously. It has nothing to do with the headphone jack because even if i play it through the phones speakers it still does it. It is very annoying especially when its hooked up in my car and i have to "refresh it" every 9 minutes or so by just hitting the pause button and then hitting play again. As long as I do that it wont shut off.
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    music stops playing

    So it took me a while to figure this out to and then I realized finally what it was. It was doing the same thing to me where it would shut off. If you have any app killing program installed on your device, ie: advanced task killer, task manager etc, the task killer is most likely set to auto kill all your apps either every 10 or 30 minutes. You need to do one of two things. A. Turn the auto kill feature off or B. Take your mp3 player off from the list of apps to kill. This should help. Good luck.


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