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I'm glad you're into the sound on the Droid. Me personally, I never could see the usefulness of an iPod, and to me the mp3's play just fine on the Droid too.
Can you say 40gigs of music? And a battery that lasts for a couple of days? I love my Droid and find its MP3 capabilities to be excellent, especially in combination with DoubleTwist to download content. But when I want to listen to tunes on a long motorcycle trip, I use my iPod and my Shure earphones inside my helmet. Can't get phone calls, of course. But that's why I'm on the bike...so I can't get phone calls.
I mostly listen to Pandora and Slacker with my Droid, and very little .mp3's. You do bring up an excellent point about motorcycle riding. I do want to listen to music while riding this year and the Droid will have a problem holding a charge. I'm going to rig up a cigarette lighter plug to my Vulcan battery and operate it that way. I'm curious if you can link me to what earphones you're using in your helmet. I had been using stock ones that came with my Storm, they worked but not too comfortable. And, this year I'm going for the Iron Butt award - 1,000 miles in 24 hours or less so the music will be nice.