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Thread: Theory: Overlay vs Pure Android for 3rd party apps

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    Theory: Overlay vs Pure Android for 3rd party apps

    So Google sells off Moto to laveno and now Moto is dead. Whoa is me.


    I have had Moto phones since the original droid but there has always been one problem. I do not use anything stock accept G-Maps. So on this phone i run ...

    Apex, Go and in the past Launcher pro… Strictly Apex for the last 2 years. None of these are ever ran at the same time.

    Handcent ONLY

    Calengoo and Jorte… Calengoo won so its all i use now.

    DW Contacts only … Tried GoDialer but wasn't as free flowing for how i use the phone. DW won

    paypal here
    volume control

    ALL of the moto phones i have had have started lagging after 6-8 months. So i am just use to waiting 10 second for maps and 5-15 secs for DW and so on.
    I am not looking for an answer as to why my phone lags but i do have a theory that i would like to validate.

    The heavier the overlay the worse the lag when using custom apps like Apex or DW. So i would expect HTC Sense to give me the most problems, TouchWiz a close second and LG would be at the bottom. I think that the easiest phone to run these apps on would be a Nexus 5 or 6 because its stock android.

    Is this a sound Theory?


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