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Thread: Droid 2.... Upgrading....Suggestions.....

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    Droid 2.... Upgrading....Suggestions.....


    My Wife and I about 4 years ago bought 2 - Droid 2 (955) from Verizon with Contract. If my memory serves me correctly at the cost close to $400 for the pair.

    Anyways about 8 months back my wife lost hers and my screen was not always responding as it used to. So my wife and I then purchased 2 Droid - 2 Globals (956) that were new from EBay ($100 for the pair) mainly due to the arrival of our third child which prevented expenditures of newer model phones.

    So we have not been under contract (month to month) and I have one of those truly unlimited data plans which complicates matters on just upgrading and getting another contract.

    Recently had a job change (Software Engineer) which landed me into a new position where my cell phone is 100% covered (not the wife of course) but I must be Android version 3.0 and up or a I-phone IOS 5. Realistically I will probably end up buying two new phones not just my phone for my work situation.

    Not being a Apple fan (I grew up in the Atari, Commodore, Apple era) I would like to stick with a Droid. I have been a Motorola fan since the 80's when my fathers business used strictly Motorola car phones (Cellular One).

    OK, so with all the BS behind me\history explained I am looking at options here.....

    I am fairly confident my Droid 2s are not able to be upgraded to Android version 3.0 or better. If they are please pass on any documentation/websites?...I have upgraded Tablets in the past..... The only advantage for me to upgrade the existing phones would be to get me on the work plan and allow me to look at the holiday sales etc. My phone says the following in the About Phone area;

    System version 4.5.629.A956.Verizon.en.US
    Model Number Droid 2 GLOBAL
    Android version 2.3.4
    Baseband version N_01.82.00R
    Kernel version
    Build Number 4.5.1_57_D2GA

    If not, I am looking into Droid phones available with 4G, Ice Cream Sandwich/Jelly Bean is preferred, GPS, (If Possible Motorola but I am open to Samsung etc.).....Suggestions?.....Ideally I would like to purchase the phone outright to avoid any future contract...

    One option that is more apparent in my Droid 2 Globals is the ability for Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot. My Old Droid 2 may have had it but it was not right out in the open and very simple to use like on the Global....I would like to keep this functionality if possible on any phone change. Does this mean I need a rooted phone...Is this possible?

    I have looked at Razr Maxx, Ultra, and Droid Razr HD briefly but I have noticed that prices on EBay/Swappa seem to be all over the place.....I assume if the ESN is clear I am golden to hook it to the Verizon Network.... But I see some of the Razr Maxx's are not running Ice cream sandwich or Jelly bean but Gingerbread so that probably explains the price difference...So I am assuming these are older models not upgradeable to the later Android versions?

    I am open to look at any phone that is 4G and fits the specs....Looking to get the most bang for my buck as I will more then likely be buying two.... I am honestly looking at Suggestions for my next phone...Please help....Any Suggestions?

    Thanks for all the help,
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    Gonna close this thread. If you'd to help, please go here: http://www.droidforums.net/forum/sho....php?p=2474224
    Suggestions....Currently a Droid 2 User....

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