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Thread: 2.1......I give up.....

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    2.1......I give up.....

    Sadly weeks after a "botched announcement" we still do not have Android 2.1 OTA Update. Yeah it may not even be that big of an update but it is frustrating to know that it is out there, and I want it.... (simply put, I want it)

    Hopefully over the next few weeks we will see more information coming out about a more concrete timeline and what exactly is in this update.

    No point in getting mad at Verizon or at Moto, I think they know and understand that they messed up. I just hope that they have learned from this mistake on accidentally releasing not so concrete information to the public.

    It also saddens me to see how the droid community responded, hatefulness and bitter actions toward the two companies didn't, won't, and never will help anybody, and it surely won't rush the updates.

    I hope that we have all learned a lesson from this experience, and hopefully we will see the update soon!
  3. Droid Ninja
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    I believe at this point it is entirely a moto / VZ issue.

    Let's see, google releases earth for 2.1, have to have been in development on their own schedule, however moto / VZ have screwed the pooch here, we should have already had 2.1 on the unit for the release.

    What does this say about android when there "really" is only one phone out there that can have the app?

    (I mean really, because we can't count on the regular news channels to report that there is a apk for non rooted phones, and that 2.1 is on some phones because of modding, they are just going to tell everyone that Android is even more fractured, which in this case I have to agree.

    Argh, hope it by Mar 31st, because by then all those moto Q1 deadlines are history.

    I'm not trying to sound bitter, but the promise of an open source OS with updates galore was the allure that brought me to the platform, with this mess, there ae those out there who question the handling of it, and if it really will move forward.
  4. Droid
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    I just hope they fix all the bluetooth issues

    2.1 seems cool but I am just hoping that they are going to fix all the bluetooth compatibility issues with this update when it finally comes out.
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    You need to give Adam Z's Smoked Glass ROM a try while your waiting. It's totally sick!
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    I'm sorry but I can't imagine yet another 2.1 thread. This one is also
    Sometimes , It is what it is !


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