Sorry if this is in the wrong place...couldn't find anywhere to post about the Note tablet.

I purchased the Note 10.1 for school this fall. So far I LOVE this thing! I'm taking an online class now and I'm able to watch the recorded lectures (downloaded as .mp4's) at the top of my screen and use S Note to import the PDF files and take notes. It's working GREAT!

But I tried the split screen with the Kindle app and it doesn't appear to support the split screen feature of the notes and S4.

Anyone know of a way around this? I was hoping to get most of my books in Kindle format to save storage space and so I could search easier. I know I can take notes inside the Kindle app, but it only allows me to see one line at a time. Not very easy to take notes! Besides, I'd rather keep all my notes in one app so I can search all my notes at once.

If Kindle can't be rigged to use the split screen feature, are there any other kindle reader apps that I might be able to use?