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Thread: Convince me to NOT get an iPhone...veteran Droid user and I'm sick of the issues

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    If battery life is a big concern I really love the option to replace the battery. I still have the Galaxy Nexus (due for upgrade in August) and this has been a big plus numerous times. Normally I don't have a problem getting thru the day but when I go to a game or someplace that I take a ton of pictures/videos or use the phone a lot, and don't have access to a charger, it is priceless to just pop in a fresh battery. Something to think about.
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    If you want to monitor what is using your battery besides screen and signal check out Watch Dog Lite. It's free and you can set it up to alert you if anything goes rogue it will alert you by the cpu% you set it to trigger the alert, thus catching a battery hog before it starts hogging the battery. What you'll see is a lot of stuff running but using no cpu ( battery) whether in the foreground or background and you can find those pesky little vampire apps that keep using a little cup when not being used as an aid to decide if you want them or not. I always run a session after app updates to make sure they're still playing nice with my system after the update. Most do but sometimes bugs show up and I can catch them before they become a problem.

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    The responses to your battery life concerns and ATK use have been answered in simply outstanding fashion. On another note, my employer supplied me with an Iphone5 for work. let me tell you, if you though battery life was bad with android, you will not be satisfied with Iphone. My work phone is used minimally. A few calls (which I can't hear, drop constantly) about 100 emails a day and 20 or so texts. I am running low by noon, have to kick on an aftermarket battery pack just to get through the rest of the day. It has had it's positives mind you. I can guarentee that my personal phone will ALWAYS be ANDROID.
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    Droid X >>> RAZR MAXX
    If you are looking for battery life the various MAXX phones have it.

    Jeff Gude
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    I know one person who is happy with the Iphone 5 battery life. He works at the Apple store. All others I know with the Iphone 5 are not happy with the battery life. We're now about one month out from the Note III. Recommend waiting to see if it's worthy. The New Ultra Maxx appears to have a nice battery. After my DX and Xoom I've soured on Motorola.
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    If battery life is a concern, apple can't help you.
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    My wife was a long-time average droid/android user. She switched to an iPhone 5 because all her friends had it and hates it. She still can't make it thru the day on a single charge.

    If you want something that'll last the day, get a Note 2. I can get thru 7am - 9pm with 8% left on a single charge under moderate usage (phone, email, web, ebooks, YT, G+) with Touchwiz and no ATKs.
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    There's no way I'd go to an iPhone and be locked into the world of apple. Android is so much more robust, so many more options. Sure the iPhone is pretty, and it may be 'hip' to own one. Forget it. Deal with the power issue like the rest of us. If you are going out and about for a full day, bring your freakin charger. It sucks, but that's android (for now).

    Don't drink the apple cool aid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Adam74 View Post
    The responses to your battery life concerns and ATK use have been answered in simply outstanding fashion.
    I'll echo Adam74's comment and post above. I will also add to the comments by iamjoe by saying that these phones use a battery which actually lasts longer over time (lifespan, not runtime between charges), but giving it short "interim" boost charges whenever you are near a power source. For me, I have a car navigation dock and when I am in the car, the phone is on the dock and being charged. I carry both a wall adapter & cable, and also a portable power pack (*RAVPower Dynamo-On-the-Go RP-PB07 Super High Capacity Power Bank (10400mAh Capacity / 1A & 2A Dual USB Output) for iPod, iPhone, Smartphones, Digital Cameras, Tablets and E-Books*), which are ready to jump into action at anytime. My office desk as the desk docking station and the phone is there during the working hours, unless I'm roaming around the office or out to an appointment.

    By giving the phone even just one short (.5 - 1 hours), boost charge in the middle of the day when near a power source, it may be enough to bridge the gap and get you through the rest of the day without dying. Since these phones typically take from about 3 hours to as much as 5.5 hours to fully charge from a fully discharged state (my Droid RAZR MAXX has a 3,300mAh battery so it's 5.5 hours for me), you can do some quick and dirty math (best case scenarios and consumption rate averaging for illustrative purposes);

    3 hours charge gives 16 hours runtime on a battery that's 1,750 mAh...
    So 1,750/16=109.375 mAh/hr discharge rate...
    And 1,750/3=583.33 mAh/hr charge rate...

    5.5 hours charge gives 16 hours runtime on a battery that's 3,300 mAh...
    So 3,300/16=206.25 mAh/hr discharge rate...
    And 3,300/5.5=600 mAh/hr charge rate...

    ...And conclude that a one hour boost can yield from 3 to as much as 6 hours of extended runtime, and it is actually good for the battery as well. It is on the other hand very bad to run the battery down to the near zero remaining charge depths as this stresses the battery and WILL result in a shortened lifespan, as well as put you at risk of the battery and phone becoming unresponsive to a charger at some point due to deep discharging (white light of death, bootlooping, etc.)
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    The iPhone is not the solution and it will not provide you with a better Battery. If you do go down that route you will need a Battery Extender and this is a great one.

    But, I would stick it out with Android either Samsung or Motorola and see which works best for you.
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