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Thread: Changes to Bionic in Last 3 Months

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    Changes to Bionic in Last 3 Months

    I've had my Bionic now for 14 months. Up until last August my average data usage per month was rarely more than .03 GB (yes...that's the correct number). Since Verizon changed their data plan structure and more recently...upgraded the OS...I've noticed an enormous jump in how much data usage is totalling up each month. This month's cycle (starts on the 16th of each month) I deliberately decided to only use my Bionic for phone calls and checking email. Let me add that after the OS upgrade, I was completely unable to sync my Bionic with Yahoo Mail the way I used to do it. The Verizon people told me Yahoo now has an email app so I installed it and it works fine.

    In the past 4 days, my data usage has gone up to .254 GB. That's nearly 9 times what I used to tally in one month!

    The other thing I've noticed is my Bionic now eats my battery within 6 hours whether I use it or not. Before the OS upgrade, I could count on it being at 60-70% full after 12 hours of non-use. I should add I took the phone to Verizon and had them configure it for optimal battery life.

    Clearly Verizon and/or Google have made some changes to suck in more money from the masses.

    I like the idea of the smartphone but because 99% of the general public are completely ignorant on how they are being treated like a herd of dumb animals by the phone companies, I don't think I want to continue using this crap. People are being exploited and they don't even know it. Many if not most probably don't care. The phones have all been rigged so you can't customize them without risk and the monthly plans are no different than going to a casino where the odds are always against you. In short, people are being used big time and paying an arm and a leg for the privilege.

    I will limp along with this anchor tied to my ankle until next September and then no more smartphone. I refuse to give Verizon the money they demand to bail early. Too bad there aren't enough people in this world smart enough to do the same. The only vote each of you has is how you spend your money. Think about it.
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    ICS has a data usage section in settings. There you can see what apps are using data and if it's foreground or background data. From there you can pick certain apps and click on a button that restricts their background data consumption.
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    Before I blame user error, have you even tried a cache wipe or factory data reset (post ICS update)?

    EDIT: By the way, Motorola updated the OS; not Verizon. Moto and Verizon are not exactly best friends, why would Moto code the OS to make Verizon more money?
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    Thanks for the information. I did not know about the data usage feature in the settings or the fact that Motorola upgraded the OS.

    I'll just cut to the chase here. These "smartphones" are a joke. As a user, I should not have to spend so much time managing how the phone works and there should not be so many ways for a user to go over the cliff of data usage. It's clearly obvious these things are deliberately set up to benefit the companies and networks out of sheer user ignorance.

    I must have at least 100 apps on my phone I will never use. Many of them are redundant. For example, how many MP3 players do I actually need (assuming I listen to music on my phone which I don't). I have NFL Mobile Football. I don't watch football. This is true for all the others. And yet I am forced to keep upgrading these damn apps simply to avoid the endless "updates" that keep appearing if I don't. I have better things to do with my time.

    I'm a computer software developer. I also build my own computers. I know a few things about software and hardware. When I bought this thing I thought I was basically getting a hand-held computer that I could customize to my needs. I don't think this is too incredible to expect. You know...have an OS with programs you pick and choose. Pretty simple if you ask me.

    Instead I've learned these things are set up as a sort of "all or nothing" approach to usage. The software companies pay to have their software installed on the phone and you cannot remove them by design unless you circumvent the security and blow your warranty in the process. I never had to do that with any of my other computers and I have been involved with computing since the early 80's.

    Consumers are too easily wowed by these gizmos. They don't necessarily use critical thinking and instead just jump right in. The entire system is set up to exploit this tendency and people like me who want to pick and choose are blocked from being able to do so on purpose.

    With these phones you get a data limit. If you go over it you have to pay for the next tier whether you use it all or not! These phones could easily be set up so you pay for what you use. But the various companies collectively agreed amongst themselves to offer data usage in tiers so they can pad their profits.

    Another thing...the apps themselves are literally advertising marquees. I installed "The Weather Channel" and checked my weather. I get one screen for current weather. I tap the 10-day forecast and the entire screen becomes an ad for Target! I hit the "X" to exit out and another ad page pops up! This is all BS...period.

    The whole smartphone stampede has only been around for about 10 years. Everyone waded in and the companies who set it up structured how it will work revenue wise while it was still in its infancy. No users stopped and said, "Wait a minute. What exactly is this turning into in the long run?" Now it's too late. People like me will be branded whiners or old fashioned when in fact we have a point.
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    Re: Changes to Bionic in Last 3 Months

    Dude slow down, slow down. Once you figure out where your extra data is coming from, you'll feel better. I hope. Why so mad? There are plenty of ways to fix the little things you're complaining about. The native ics allows you to disable apps you're not using. There are apps that will kill ads. I stopped reading your post after that. Take a little time to research what you've got and you'll find plenty of ways to customize. Root your phone and install a rom if you want. For now, chill and go eat some Turkey with the family.

    sent from my icy bionic
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    Re: Changes to Bionic in Last 3 Months

    All about the $$$, i agree with OP 100%, I'm not even sure how some of the things Verizon does is legal lol.

    Edit: and other networks.

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