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Thread: Verizon ESN on broken phone

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    Verizon ESN on broken phone

    I don't know... maybe someone on here could help me. A while ago, my phone, that I got actually as a replacement to the one I bought that broke, broke. The power button on my Droid 2 Global stopped working. I could still use it, turn it on with the whole battery out then in thing and turn the display on by opening the phone to reveal my physical keyboard... but it was a nuance. Also, the notification light showed a pale green and that wouldn't go away. So I took it to verizon and they sent me another refurbished phone free of charge. The box they sent had no return label.. and I was confused but I got caught up in stuff and ended up putting it in the mail with the label it came with. That didn't work and it was sent back to me. It should be noted here at this point, that I am not the account holder. I am the account holder's step daughter. When the broken phone was returned to me, I made plans to call verizon an talk to them about why I didn't get a return label and how I couldn't send it back to them without it... But I never got around to that. I was prepared to pay the fee for the phone, but without my knowledge, my mother spent hours on the phone with verizon having them take the charge off the bill because she put the package in the mail herself (which is true). Well... the phone that I got as a replacement for that one is now broken. I dropped it and the screen cracked (an is falling apart) and the headphone jack is screwy... I am eligible for an upgrade at the end of December, although I'm not sure I'll be able to afford a phone at that point. But at the latest, I'll be able to afford one in January. I don't want to spend money I could save for my new phone now to buy a refurbished replacement for this phone for a couple months. It's still useable, and worst comes to worst, I'll just suck it up and use it. But I'm concerned with how long it will last. So my question is will I be able to authenticate the phone that I tried to send back but never could, or is that esn blocked? Because the problems with that phone seem more manageable to me right now than the problems with the phone I'm using.
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    Plain and simple, the phone that was supposed to be returned via warranty in your possession is stolen property. It will never be able to be activated, and your Mom, being the accountholder, needs to let VZW know that you have the phone. At this point, I'm going to close this thread as you have admitted that you're in possession of something that isn't yours and your Mom is now responsible for full price for the phone you have that was to be returned.
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