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Thread: Should I See about Replacing?

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    Should I See about Replacing?

    Hey all just wondering what your opinions were on whether I should see if I should (or even could) get my phone replaced for this issue.

    I've noticed over the past couple of days that my slider is becoming more and more loose. No big deal really I expected that however I'm now noticing that its gotten lose to the point where the bottom part of the slider will slide (when its in my pocket or something) so that the slide is actually crooked. Its only a very slightly crooked right now but I'm afraid that its going to get worse. What do you think should I take it in, or are they gonna tell me theres nothing I can do?
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    If in your 30, I say go for it ... After that, if you have the insurance, then I'd wait until it really goes, then do a claim.
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    i took off the backing and noticed a slight change in the keyboard slider.
    i went to a vzw and compared it to their 3 droids and gave it to a tech- we noticed a slight bit more give than 2 phones but agreed that at this point its not worth getting a new phone until it drastice... like yours.

    if you can get a new phone.
    btw i ordered a plastic backing replacement from a 3rd party and hope that putting it back on will alleviate my phones keyboard jiggle.


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