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Thread: camera app keeps crashing

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    camera app keeps crashing

    I have found recently that the camera app will often crash. Not even a force close it just disappears and returns to the home screen as if I pressed the home button. I have also had on at least 2 or 3 occasions the whole thing just fall apart and display a message saying it can't connect to the camera service (or something like this). The only way to get around this is to turn off the phone and reboot.
    I do have my phone rooted running bugless beast and OC to 950mhz which could be the problem except that I have had this happen also before I rooted the phone.
    The only thing I thought was that it first started when I copied the 2.1 gallery ap (without rooting) so maybe the problem is with the gallery somehow.
    Any ideas?
  3. Droid Ninja
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    I've experienced the same behavior and I've neither rooted nor added the 2.1 Gallery. As you note, rebooting (no battery pull) seems to fix the problem temporarily. My guess is that the camera app has some issues with memory allocation. It's difficult to pin down, I suspect, because it depends on what else is running at the time.

    I do know that the only time I've run into a low memory situation is when I've edited several photos with Photoshop on the phone. This suggests to me having large photo files in memory may be problematic. That may occur in the context of camera use, as well.

    A minor annoyance most of the time but when you miss that never-to-be-repeated shot, it's very annoying. My advice would be to turn off/turn on your phone before you plan to take some pictures. That, of course, is not always possible.

    P.S. It also occurs to me that I haven't experienced the problem since I reduced the "picture size" from 5mp to 3mp. The highest setting is overkill for the camera on the droid anyway and a 3mp "save" is considerably faster than a 5mp "save." It may also eliminate the problem of the camera "hanging."
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    I guess you are using the native app? You may want to try Pro Zoom Camera. It is a much better program and I've personally never had any issues with it. I'm overclocked with Bugless Beast to 1 Ghz.

    Good luck.
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    When I had the MyTouch with T-Mobile - I had a problem where every time I went to the camera app, it would force close. Re-seating the SD Card fixed that.


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