Hello everyone,

I have a Motorola Atrix MB860 and my LCD display crushs, I sent it to a technical service, but they do not have the display to replace and do not have an ETA to get this (it is a Brazil issue, Motorola in Brazil do not have it on their stock).

I need just only to wait the technical service can get this display to change, but in this mean time I have bought a Samsung Galaxy SIII and now I want to move the data stored on the Atrix to the SIII, and that is my problem, because, even the Atrix is working normally, I can't access then to configure it as Mass Storage device when plugging it in my PC, because the phone was configured to charge only and I have no working display to change this configuration.

Motorola support center said me that will be impossible to backup my phone without changing this configuration, but I can't believe this is impossible.

Do anyone knows a way to do this backup?

Thanks in advance.

Mauricio Oliveira