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Thread: Apples new advertising campaign ?

  1. Master Droid
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    Apples new advertising campaign ?

    the feeling i got from the commercials before i read this article

    New Apple 'Genius' Ads: Hit, Miss, or Insulting? | News & Opinion | PCMag.com
    ^^ ARticle

    as, are they claiming that their followers dont have a clue as to what they are doing?
    i think their commercials are quite funny.

    Edit: link was there just made it stand out more now.
    all 3 videos are at the bottom of the article
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    Not much detail for me to go on, so i don't know if I've seen it or not without a brief description. A link to a video would help.

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  4. Droid Ninja
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    Saw the "Mac Knockoff" commercial yesterday on-air. Dumbest commercial they've ever done. I knew things were slipping after Jobs died, but wow. The "Mac vs. PC" commercials were at least well-made if not foolish, and the rest were pretty unified behind the 'sterile, unified' environment of iOS and iDevices, but these new ones are just sad. I can promise a few sheeple are going to come out of their trance when they see these and wonder why they bought into the hype previously.

    Bottom line: these are some of the worse commercials I've ever seen for getting customers behind a product. Nothing to draw them in, no real continuity between the series. It's one thing to make a commercial that will keep a brand in your head, but it's another entirely to make something so bad that years from now people will be able to recall how awful and awkward it was. "Apple: apply directly to trash can." --a "Head-On" reference for those who remember that hotness.

    This commercial is actually worse than the VZ mother's day commercial with the unintelligible mother and daughter crying the whole time, and that's saying something.
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    I got a chuckle out of them b/c of their play on stupidity, but I can't see them PROMOTING the brand.


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