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Hey everybody,

I have a couple of questions that I hope I can get some help with. I have unlimited data and want to keep it. I don't have wifi so I use my phone for everything. With unlimited data there's really no need to pay for wifi either. However, I know Verizon is going to be cutting unlimited off with subsidized phone upgrades which means I need to upgrade before they do that because I sure don't want to pay full retail. I've had an upgrade available for a long time (Like a year) and want to use it for something good.

I want to wait for the Galaxy SIII to come out and upgrade to that since it looks absolutely amazing, but with Verizon cutting unlimited it's a gamble waiting. If I wait, maybe the shared plans will come out first and I'll be stuck not upgrading for quite a while. If I upgrade to something else now, maybe the SIII will come out before shared data and I would have been able to upgrade to that.

It's really quite agonizing. Know when the expected unlimited subsidized cutoff is? Know when the SIII is expected to hit Verizon? With the $100 off Motorola devices I'm looking at the Rezound, Galaxy Nexus, and RAZR Maxx, all $199. Which do you recommend?

I like the Rezound because it's got the fastest processor out of the bunch and also integrates Beats audio. However, I don't think I'm really a fan of Sense although I've never had an HTC. Can I get sense-removed ROMs for it? The Galaxy Nexus is also nice but with Verizon a lot of people say it's not really a 'true' nexus. What about the RAZR Maxx? Thanks a lot,

I currently have both a Nexus and a Razr, not The Maxx. I like them both while the Nexus does have a weaker radio, all Samsung devices do, I still like it. As long as you are in a strong network area you should be fine.

As for the Razr, I have owned several Motorola devices and have found that Motorola's radios are the strongest out of the three, HTC, Moto and Samsung. Plus the Smart Actions is a very nice app. I use my Razr as a work device where I constantly stream Pandora for about 4-6 hours on average every day. Plus I usually end up spending about 2 hours on the forum before the battery dies.

I have owned two HTC devices and both were decent, Droid Incredible and the Thunderbolt. Most people will tell you that HTC Sense is a battery hog. I tend to agree with this statement as I saw improved battery life on my TBolt when running a third party launcher. Also IMO HTC phones tend to have sub-par battery. My main frustrations with HTC is the idiotic notion to not include a larger Standard battery in a more powerful device. The battery size in the Incredible was 1300mAh while the 4G Thunderbolt only got a slight boost in battery to 1400mAh and the Rezound is only clocking in at 1650mAh. That's not to say that it won get you through the day but you might have to plug in depending on your usage. Now the Tbolt was fast but had horrible battery life. While the Droid Inc was nice it did have decent battery life but my Droid X still had much better battery under the same usage conditions.

- Rooting-
Now if you want to Root and ROM your device I would have to say get the Galaxy Nexus, followed by the Rezound. Since both phones can have their bootloaders unlocked. The Razr Maxx is my last choice only because it has a locked bootloader. But the huge battery size and smart actions app really do make it an awesome phone even when not rooted.

If your looking for the phone with the best reception than the Maxx should be your first choice followed by the Rezound and lastly the Nexus.

As for performance all three phones are on the same level. Processor speed does not necessarily mean a faster device. Both the Nexus and Maxx have a TI 1.2GHz processor while the Rezound has a 1.5 Snapdragon processor. All three phones have 1GB of memory. While only the Rezound and Nexus have 720p displays where the Maxx has a qHD display. Now if you happen to not be in a 4G location the Rezound does offer one feature that the other two devices lack, SVDO. Simultaneous voice and Data. Basically you can be in a call and browse the web at the same time when in a 3G network area.

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