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Verizon absolutely LOVES customers like you! You're paying the extra amount that they build into the monthly service charges to subsidise the cost of new phones, but your phone has been paid off long ago. And even BETTER, you don't plan to buy a subsidised handset from them for your next phone!

Aren't there providers (T-Mobile?) that offer a discount on monthly service if you provide your own phone? Would you be better off going that route?
Maybe - but you're also not locking yourself into a contract which is where they make the bulk of your money - and you don't have to buy the phone from Verizon either. But I guess if you plan to stay with Verizon either way, it makes them no difference, which comes back to your point... lol

T-Mobile's "family value" plans do that - they're greatness if you can get the phone yourself. When we were with T-Mobile, we were paying about $80-90 per month for a similar level of plan that we're paying Verizon almost double that now. Why we're doing that now? Good question...