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A work-around is going to the gmail website and downloading the attachment off there; meaning it's still possible, but they make you work for it. *dumb*
OMG!... your right!.... I can use "attachemail" to send over 10meg files through gmail.. but when you receive them you can't even open or download them if they are .mp4 etc.. "even though I have meridian player that plays them fine".

there they sit in your gmail inbox, you can view and see its there... how big it is etc.. just can't get it!..... Crazy!!!!!!

I simply browsed to it with my dolphin broswer, when into my gmail account and to my inbox.. can download them fine there..... I have to change the name from "download.bin" to what the real file name is.... but it works perfect....

Super silly the gmail app cannot do this "or" send large files.... like I said the app "attachemail" sends them just fine through gmail... why can't gmail do it!....

Google are you listening???.... didn't think so!