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Thread: Next Best or Upcoming Android Phone to Buy

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    JeffD: HTC touch screens are spot on. They seem to know what I want to do before I touch it. It's puts the "smart" in smartphone. LG dumb it down.

    And I didnt say or imply the Lucid is a higher end phone than the Spectrum. It's smaller (and free on Amazon) which I prefer. The Lucid does have more internal memory, better battery life and less bloat though.

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    Interesting story I saw on Phandroid through my Pulse app today, basically laying out the "rumored" Verizon roadmap through summer and fall. So word is Verizon will have a Samsung Note competitor in a 5" HTC phablet with a stylus - quad core phone, supposedly coming this fall. Not sure I really want to wait until fall to upgrade my X2, although it is still working fine at the moment.

    The roadmap also includes the pending release of the S3, which was awesome to read even if it is still a rumor. (Another story on Pulse today showed a supposed scan from the front page of the S3 manual - of which it has a 4.8" Super Amoled HD screen AND physical buttons, along with the already rumored 1.5 quad core). It says summer, which I'm hoping means more in the June area than the August area, but I'd still wait it out if it's coming to Verizon.

    The official reveal of the S3 WILL be in 7 days at the May 3 event in London, and rumors are a simultaneous international release, which would be awesome.

    The Verizon roadmap also does include the Fighter/Razr HD, which I'm sure will be a formidable phone itself...I'm still hung up on the 4.3-inch screen after you take away the space for the on-screen buttons. I was hoping to upgrade to something a little larger. Actually, of all the phones on the market right now, the Spectrum is the one I almost bought because of the screen size and quality, it's a beautiful screen.

    Then, of course, it's not Android, but any upcoming iPhone might be on my radar too if the S3 doesn't hit Verizon...although I can't see them upgrading the screen size past 4", which would kill it for me most likely.

    So...all rumor, of course, but things are looking a bit more optimistic. For those who are having major issues with your phones, I'd suggest a factory reset if the problem is software-based and not a busted screen or anything. I was having problems with Gmail coming through and just did a factory reset for the hell of it, and my phone runs almost perfect now. You can export your contacts to your SD card and bring them right back, and redownload anything you've EVER downloaded to your phone right from the google play store online, it's seamless. They did a great job with that.
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