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Thread: Resound or spectrum

  1. Alpinestars96's Avatar
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    HTC Rezound with stock ICS

    Resound or spectrum

    Which one should I get if I'm looking for the faster performing phone out if the 2? Thanks
  3. Master Droid
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    If your looking for a great phone id pick the rezound over any Android lg phone. Htc gets updates out way faster then lg. Plus you get the hd screen like the spectrum and the rezound has beats audio. I prefer the razr it has some better befits to it but. Between the 2 the rezound will be better.

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  4. Senior Droid
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    Galaxy Nexus
    I'd have to go with the Rezound as well. It was my second choice to the Nexus, went with the Nexus, naturally. My brother just bought the Rezound, however. He seems to love it, and it is a pretty slick device from what I have seen from the few times I have checked it out. The Spectrum seems like a pretty nice device, but I don't know how I personally feel about LG Android phones. I have no idea why.
  5. Droid
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    When replacing my AMOLED DROID Incredible, I quickly narrowed the field to the Rezound and the Spectrum. After playing with them both at the Verizon store, I eventually chose the Spectrum.

    While LG Home sucks, it is easy to replace with a different launcher (at this point, I'm using Launcher Pro). I like the way the Spectrum feels in my hands better than the Rezound did. The Spectrum has a higher capacity battery, and it's easier to turn off 4G LTE.

    That said, the Rezound has a better developer community. But both phones will ultimately get CM9. I guess it all comes down to personal preference. I preferred the Spectrum and have not been disappointed.

    And if something significantly better comes out soon, I might get a different phone since I bought the Spectrum off of ebay. I still have my upgrade!

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  6. RS Lead
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    Have you checked out either in the store?

    The Rezound definitely has better support from HTC and developers. It's a very solid device from my time with it and if I didn't go with the Nexus I definitely would've gone with the Rezound.

    As for the Spectrum. I had no idea it existed. I personally avoid LG at all costs with my experience with the company.
  7. Droid Ninja
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    If not the nexus I'd get the maxx and if not that the rezound.
  8. Senior Droid
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    HTC Rezound
    I have done a little research on the LG phones... and they don't seem to get very good marks. Just google Rezound vs Spectrum, or LG Spectrum reviews. After reading a few lackluster reviews on the LG I decided to stay away from them for the time being...

    From what I've been reading here and elsewhere, Rezound hands down between those 2. If you want a solid phone that will last, the Razr/Maxx seems to be pretty highly regarded as well.


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