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Thread: so i tried rooting...

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    so i tried rooting...

    i went to "rootyourdroid.info" and followed their guide. everything seemed to workout well but now everytime i open my "gallery" app to view my pics it either shuts the phone down or doesn't open up at all, instead it takes the icon off my homescreen and i have to go back into the menu to press it.. and it still doesn't open!!! any help would be awesome.. thanks
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    Sorry, got to say try it again... I used that same guide and have no problems with gallery (or anything yet, 'knock on wood'). The other thing to try is to register on the forum there and ask for help (or post in the shoutbox).
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    That is weird, I really don't think it would have anything to do with rooting though...I just don't see the connection there. Maybe you installed an app around the same time you rooted? And maybe that's what has been interfering with the Gallery...


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