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Thread: original droid to new Razr info needed

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    original droid to new Razr info needed

    After what is a very long and drawn out story about why I ordered my new phone directly from VZwireless ( as apposed to a store ) I have come to realize it's an enormous pain to do the switch ( knowing original droid doesnt have back up assist already installed )
    Is there a quick guide some where here to help a not so tech saavy guy like me to make the swicth over?
    LOVE the forum..got my plantronics blue tooth to sych up real quick here fyi..
    HELP !
    THANKS so much
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    What are you interested in syncing? If its just your contacts, just login through your Google account on the Razr and they will transfer over.

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    I just upgraded from the OG Droid to the Razr Maxx and it was easy as could be. Kind of creepy, but even my wireless network password info was migrated to the new handset. Didn't realize google stores passwords for home wireless networks.... But I already sold my soul to Android/Google so no biggie I guess. ;-)
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    Most stuff is attached to your GMail account. As soon as your Razr gets your GMail address on it, it will auto-sync everything. On my Droid 1 it would even attempt to re-install every app I had ever downloaded (which was always a problem, because the Droid 1 only had 125Megs or so of storage...).

    Syncing is largely on auto-pilot. It was actually hard for me to tell google I did NOT want them to auto-install all my apps.


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