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Thread: Using bluetooth audio output AND headphone jack @ the same time?

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    Using bluetooth audio output AND headphone jack @ the same time?

    Has anyone seen / found an app that will allow me to send audio to a bluetooth receiver / speaker AND allow me to use headphones / wired speaker at the same time??

    I'm not rooted. If this could be done via rooting, I might just consider doing it.

    AND, while I'm asking, can the audio signal be sent to and received by two different bluetooth receivers at the same time? I currently only have one bluetooth audio receiver, so I can't try it.

    Edit: well it looks like I've stumped the so called experts here, ha!
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    I use bluetooth to use my cars microphone/speakers/steering wheel controls. I also use the aux output to stream stuff like TuneIn. I did find out recently that if you use the 2in1 USB cable that if bluetooth is on, that it won't work. Well, that sucks! I don't know if you can be connected to two bluetooth speakers at the same time; never tried.


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