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Thread: Need some advice

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    Need some advice

    So i am do for an upgrade and I want to know if I should spend the money and get the rezound or just get a dinc2 for free? I really like htc so those are the ones i am considering most. I dont do a lot of high end gaming or anything like that so processor speed on the dinc2 dosnt scare me. The only thing that scares me about the dinc2 is the bad rep it has about signal strength because I live in a rather remote area and service can be bad in spots. Are the signal strength problems true are not as bad as some make it seem? Hoping to hear from people with more experience, and hoping to learn a lot from everyone on this site.
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    I haven't heard a bad thing about the inc2, in fact I have a few friends who have them and they say it's a great phone. Comparing the two phones is a bit like comparing apples to oranges to me, you got a previous generation device being compared to a current generation. What exactly are you looking for? The Rezound absolutely outperforms the Inc 2 on all specs, on paper. If you have 4g in your area, I would personally go for the Rezound.


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