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Thread: Reception questions

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    Reception questions

    I asked once but received no replies. Does anyone else notice the weak reception this has over their older phones? I am coming from a V750 and it had really good cell reception. Almost never dropped a call. On the droid though, mine rutinely drops calls when switching towers and has a general overall weaker signal. I can sit here and watch the signal strength meter constantly moving up and down, while my wifes ENV3 has full strength and never moves.

    Do I have a bad unit, or is this something I have to live with? I have always had really good luck with motorolas in the past.
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    I have 100% better reception on my Droid than on my old phone. I posted about this in another thread, but I have never been able to get a decent, consistent signal in my house at home. To the point that, in some rooms my phone would just sit on "searching for service". I had to go outside to keep from dropping calls. Got my Droid; not 1 single problem. Can make/receive calls from anywhere in my house, no distortion, full 3G, the whole nine yards. I'm now a full-on believer
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    im with showtime on this.. unless someone else chimes in and says they are having reception problems, i say take it back (if you are within your 30 period..)
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    Are you sure you are comparing the same thing? The Droid defaults to showing the EvDO signal strength on the signal meter, whereas some other phones may show the 1X reception and the EvDO signal strengths in separate stacked meters. My EvDO signal is almost never as strong as my 1X signal.

    My Droid can get reception at work in a cement building, where other phones/carriers have no signal.
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    Since I came over from AT&T, I can not compare. But I can say that where I work, any co-worker with Verizon reception is spotty no matter what phone you have. Outside the building full bars and 3G all the way!!


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