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Thread: Is there a way to share purchased apps between phones?

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    Is there a way to share purchased apps between phones?

    I am about to activate a Droid for my wife, and I would to set her up with her own Google account for email, contacts and such, but be able to download apps using my Google Checkout account and be able to install my purchased apps. Is there a way to do this? I know this is available in the iOS world. I was hoping the same thing would be available in the Android world.
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    I have done this for both my wife and my daughter. After she is signed in with her gmail, go into accounts and add another gmail account. Sign in with your login info. Open the market and switch to your g mail account for the market. Download whatever apps you have purchased, then simply go back into accounts and remove your gmail. The apps you downloaded will stay.

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    One way is to use your gmail account when setting the phone up. Marketplace will recognize phone as yours and let you download all apps you have already bought, thus sharing apps. This also works for amazon app store. I have my tablet set up this way and get same gmail and apps on both. Games like wordfeud update to both, so when have tablet I use it for the bigger screen. I understand this is not ideal because your wife probably wants her own gmail account, but I am sure you could make it work.

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