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Thread: Decisions, decisions: X2, TBolt, Incredible2, Revolution, Charge - All for a penny

  1. Junior Droid
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    Decisions, decisions: X2, TBolt, Incredible2, Revolution, Charge - All for a penny

    So I can get one of those 5 for a penny from Amazon. I've had an OG Droid for the last couple of years, which I've liked because of its dev community (I've run Cyanogen, BB, and a few others), but it's getting a little long in the tooth now, and I want something smoother and bigger now. Rooting/rom'ing is important to me, and I want something powerful enough to last me comfortably until my next upgrade period from Verizon in another couple of years.

    Which would you recommend (and why)?
  2. Droid Sensei
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    What do you want to hack? Like is flashing kernels really important or do you just want to root and ROM it?

    If flashing kernels are important then the X2 is out. The encrypted/locked bootloader prevents that.

    All of them have customs ROMs.

    Power wise I'd say the X2 cause of the Tegra 2. That alone should last you nicely.

    Out of all of them the Charge is fairly open from what I remember.
  3. Senior Droid
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    Don't get a Moto phone if you really want full customization. Dang locked bootloaders make things difficult. But imho having the locked bootloader is a drag but the other 4G phones and dual core phone are kind of a drag compared to the moto phones. I love my Bionic even though its stock. I really have no regrets. So out of the choices you put up the X2 sounds the best. The inc2 is okay, not very impressed with it. I feel like it is just like the inc1. The TBolt has terrible battery life from what ive heard. And Samsung phones kind of suck because of touchwiz. Personally don't know anything about the Revolution.

    But the choice is all yours. Nobody can tell you what you want the most out of those. All phones have pros and cons and you just have to figure out what pros you want and what cons you can live with.
    From the OG Droid to a Droid Bionic to Galaxy S3 and back to a Moto X.
  4. Master Droid
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    Do NOT get an x2. I ad one and sold it as fast as I could. Terrible screen, low ram, lag, locked bootloader.

    The tb battery sucks stock. You sound like you would root and rom it. I'm running cyanogen with the cm7 kernel and I'm currently at 65% after 9 hours of normal use. (texting, facebook, twitter, calls, browsing)

    The inc2 is alright if you don't need 4g. I would also take the charge over the x2. Just trust me on this one. They only thing I liked about the x2 was the build quality. That imo is it's best feature by far. Battery was ok, but it's downsides outweigh the good by far. Just take a look at the x2 forum. Full of complaints



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