The January 2012 issue of Consumer Reports has a big article on cell phones and carriers. It was very informative; for example, it showed the best carriers in 22 cities and which phones had which features.

They did say something that could be misinterpreted. In the area comparing Android and iPhone, it said:

Selection of apps and entertainment. No contest, Not only does Apple have the most apps, games, songs, movies, (sic) and other forms of entertainment (sic) but its platform also makes it very easy to pay for them--via your iTunes account. On Android phones, payment arrangements are often between you and the individual app seller, which means you're giving your credit-card number to multiple sources instead of just one.

It really makes it sound (to me at least) that you have to go to lots of places to get Android apps. For the average person, it's gonna be the Android Market and maybe Amazon. Not as many as the article implies.