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Thread: Meeting other DROID users!

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    Heh, after I got mine and showed off all the cool things I could do after rooting it, one of my co-workers got an Incredible, and the other is trying to convince his wife to do the Droid BoGo
    They are also swapping out all the Blackberrys for Droids at my company.
    My sister is waiting on me to tell her which of the new Droid phones I want so she can use her upgrade to get it, then we'll switch (I'm waiting to see if the X or 2 can be rooted easily).
    Also, I set the notification sound for my text messages to be the sound a Murloc makes... (If you don't know what it is, do a Google search on it, it's from WoW). At first I would turn my phone to vibrate when I was in public because I get a lot of text messages... But then I realized that it's a great conversation started and helps break tension
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    Quote Originally Posted by jntowers
    12 mp camera? are we going to be putting these pictures on billboards?
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    I see them all the time on the DC Metro and at work (Amtrak IT). After I got my Incredible, a guy approached me at the metro station and asked how I liked it. He had just bought one the previous day. I gave him some hints on battery life and good apps, and referred him to this forum to learn more.

  3. Master Droid
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    I work as a bagger at a grocery store and got my DROID the week it came out and i was showing it off to my co worker when a couple came through the check stand and saw me showing off my Droid and were like "IS THAT A DROID!" im like "why yes it is!" and then the proceed to each whip out Droid's of their own. We hold up the line talking about how cool the phone is and all the stuff it can do.

    I also have class every Tuesday and Thursday and i always get a cup of coffee at Starbucks before class starts in the morning, and every time i walk in i see the same guy sitting at one of the tables playing away with his DROID. Im always tempted to spark u a convo with him but he always seems kind of busy. But its cool seeing his phone change every week cuz i take a peek over his shoulder lol.
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