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Thread: From Storm to Droid...Best Day In Cell Phone History!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RinTinTigger View Post
    Thats whats coming up 4 me too....do u have any expercience to share wif us?

    I think the speed is the number one thing for me! My Storm would hangup all the time and the video camera was just #$%&. If I took 3 videos I might get one that I could actually save and find to replay.

    I am also amazed at how fast I can type on the touch screen! I bet I'm 3 times faster typing on the Droid than the Storm
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimbo View Post
    Yup Storm to Droid here also. In my case it was not that the Storm device was so bad - its just that they never worked out the bugs in the operating system. I don't know how many leaked releases i had and there was always a glitch somewhere.

    This does not seem to behave as a rushed out for the holidays product as the Storm was. I have to assume Blackberry is sweating over this one.

    Oh Yeah - had the phone for 3 days and no Battery pull yet - don't know how to handle life like this!
    Same here!

    Honestly, the battery thing was getting old on the Storm. I even downloaded the quickpull app which didn't seem to help.

    I sincerely wanted to like the blackberry storm. But, there were two main issues that kept me from doing so... the constant battery pulls and the keyboard/screen which I never quite got used to.

    Hello Droid. I'm sure I'll have some issues (it's new technology, there will be something) but the quality of build for this thing is what I noticed first when playing around with it.
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    Don't forget the 10 second time it would take between pushing the button to take a picture and the picture actually getting taken if at all...I almost threw my Storm against the wall just about every day...what a piece of junk...
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    Funny thing... I still have the Storm I use for the company. Since June 1st of this year, I think I had a total of 1 battery pull with it. I hard had any issues with it as far as needing to do that.

    Still using it for work, my personal phone went from being an LG Chocolate 3 to a Droid, and I'm happy with it cause now I can put more music beyond the 8 gigs I could put max on it.

    I will admit, the camera on the Storm was tediously slow, and some things I wasn't happy with it, but then again, still trying to find good apps to mimic some things I liked with the Storm, such as the power on/off part, or at least, making sure certain things come back up that I want. Still need to wait for Locale app to update for some of the Droid 2.0 issues I see so far.
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