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Thread: I monopoly

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    I monopoly

    Just think about this
    As much as Apple is sue happy about there precious i junk they should be forced to make more phones as all the other makers are !
    do you find a razr on AT&T no or sprint no but the only phone you do see on all carriers is the i junk
    All other manufactures spend tones of money to offer big red or blue or who ever a special phone just for them so apple should have to do the same
    they are getting off scott free and everyone is ok with that NO I am not i have never bought anything from Apple / Macintosh and i never will
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    Apple doesn't have to make more phones because their one phone works and it's praised very highly by the general public and techies alike.

    I am not a fan of the iPhone or Apple products myself, but the simplicity and functionality of their products is fairly high. Not to mention the look of their devices is very high quality; clean and simple as well. I can see and understand why people like it, it's just not for me.

    The iPhone is a major product that almost everyone wants. I know many people that jumped ship from AT&T once the iPhone came to Verizon. Apple knows how to market their products and show the functionality of it compared to say...droid commercials. What surprised me is that it took Verizon so long to sign onto the Apple wagon, it was a win-win for both companies.

    I used to absolutely hate Apple products because their userbase spoke down upon any other technology, especially me being a PC user. My sister has since converted to both a Mac and iPhone and I have had to understand both devices myself. I spent a good week teaching my parents their iphones and was impressed by some features. I'm an avid PC user so some things on OSx or whatever it is now were so simple it confused me. The iPhone itself is a simple phone and extremely user-friendly. There were basically no hiccups when I was teaching my parents and it was easy for them to pick up (they're not tech-savvy at all). They may only have one phone, but "it just works" and it works fairly well imo.


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