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Thread: Another Newbie Question

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    Another Newbie Question

    I think I've probably used up my share of questions but just in case I haven't:

    Does an app (like email) have to be running either in the foreground or background for it to check for new emails how ever often you set it for? Or does it check without being loaded?

    Probably a stupid question, but I'm a little slow sometimes.
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    It runs in the background. You don't have to have it shown for it to do what it does.

    Gmail notification is pushed - the Server sents something to your phone when mail arrive and your phone then reacts (e.g. shows a notification of arriving mail)

    Email client is timed - it will check every x minutes (x being the interval you set) and shows a notification when mail arrive.

    I think (not absolutely sure) even if you terminate the program via Adavanced Task Killer, they will still restart themselves at the right intervals.

    So don't worry aobut it.


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