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Thread: Rezound & Beats Audio: Gimmick or Actually an Improvement?

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    Rezound & Beats Audio: Gimmick or Actually an Improvement?

    I listen to music for 2+ hours a day on my phone (via headphones or car stereo) and sound quality is important to me. I've found that manufacturers usually cheap out on the audio hardware in phones compared to dedicated mp3 players. For example, when listening to my Droid X at the lowest volume with decent in-ear earbuds, a hum/static can be easily heard in the background - the sign of a cheap amplifier.

    Does anyone know if the Rezound actually has good audio hardware, or is the Beats Integration - which reviewers are making out to be just a gloried equalizer - a marketing gimmick? I don't care about the overpriced beats headphones the phone comes with, and PowerAmp already has a great equalizer, but there's no substitution for good hardware.

    Honestly, what I would really love out of a phone is a dedicated docking port that provides pure line out audio, similar to what the ipod/phone has. The android accessory market in this category is pretty limited because of this...there are no speaker/alarm clock docks where you can simply drop your phone in - something I miss about my ipod.
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    Well I just started listening to music with my Incredible and it sounds 10x better than my ipod nano. The equalizer in the Inc is far superior to what can be found in the iPod, which doesn't let you adjust it yourself, at least I haven't found it...

    Considering the audio is the Rezonuds selling point I'm going to say they did put higher quality hardware in their phones than any other. I didn't actually try listening to music, demo earbuds that everyone uses...pretty nasty imo. So I recommend you bring your own pair of earbuds to the store and plug them in.

    Asking how something sounds is even more subjective than asking "what's the best phone?" imo. Nice to hear what other people think, but it all depends on what type of music you listen too and it will sound different to you than to someone else.

    For example, I'm perfectly happy with my pair of Seinheisser CX300 (i think that's the model) and my Droid Incredible, best mp3 I ever had imo. I can get the bass to hit hard or lightly, and change settings according to the current song (I range from Frank Sinatra to Lupe Fiasco) My older Sony walkman from 2007 sounds better than my 4th gen Nano even. What I have heard of Beats though is that all they do is emphasize a heavy bass which only works for certain genres, I found my current Seinheissers that cost me only $30 and sounded better.
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    I bought the beat studios about 6 months ago.. they sounded great but were built cheap. They broke on me a few weeks later. I returned them and tried the beat pros. Imo, the studios had better bass but the pros mids and treble are outstanding. They are built SO much better. They are a bit pricey though. The only downfall of the pros is that I can't wear them for 3 hours or more at a time. They start to hurt my ears. For 350$ im sure you could get something more comfortable.

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