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Thread: Teacher had a panic attack with MY DROID in her hand

  1. Master Droid
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    Damn kids and their cell phones nowadays!

    Not that I'm even old (25) but back when I was in high school, I never even HAD a cell phone. My mom finally got me one of those pre-paid ones the last few months of my senior year in case I missed the school bus or something, but it was in no way to be used for other purposes (until I got a girlfriend a while later and burned all my minutes calling her lol).

    Nowadays kids take cellphones to elementary school. It's ridiculous.
  2. Master Droid
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    unless you drive, there is no reason for students to have cell phones. Schools have phones for emergencies (and no, figuring out if suzy can go home with mary, 10 minutes before school lets out does not constitute as an emergency)

    a dumb phone is a perfectly acceptable phone for kids who drive and need it for emergencies like "flat tire, be home 20 minutes late" or "in a fender bender, can you come to xx and xx"

    contrary to belief, kids are not ready for all the responsibilities of life. Do you want to know why college classes are more lax on stuff like attendance and cell phones? Because the responsibility of education shifts 100% to them. Case in point, as teacher is trying to start class, the O.P. is texting whomever. Problem is, when he fails the test, everyone blames the teacher. That's enough to make anyone of us stress out, especially if our job is on the line.

    That school in general sounds like a stellar academic institution though Sounds like an inner city school. I'm sure there are a ton of Rhodes scholars coming out of that place lulz
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