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Thread: How To Start Typing In Goolge Browser Search Bar, not the built in google seach??

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    How To Start Typing In Goolge Browser Search Bar, not the built in google seach??

    When i open my browser i have my home page get to Google. I have to click inside the Google search box every time with my finger b4 i start typing every time. It gets to be a pain after a while b/c i use the browser all day. When you open Google on your computer you can immediately type inside the Google search bar without clicking there first.

    If you start typing without manually clicking in the Google search bar on the website it brings up the built in google search from the top of the screen. i don't want to use the built in Google search, i want to use the Google site. If i am searching from the built in Google on the phone instead of the Google site, it makes it pointless to eve have a home page.

    Does anyone know how to fix what i am talking about, or recommend a different home page?
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    i dont know any way to have the cursor automatically in the search bar on the google website.

    personally i just press the seach button on the phone and search that way since it searches google as if you were to open the browser and goto google.com
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    I am pretty sure that it searches the same no matter what way you do it. They are both using Google search. I don't see the difference?


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