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Thread: Droid 3 or Droid Bionic

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    Droid 3 or Droid Bionic

    My family is getting new phones next Saturday, and I'm torn between the two phones. I know the major difference is 4g vs keyboard, and I currently have the Motorola Droid (1) and I never used the keyboard, which has made me want a phone without a keyboard to, well, slim it down. But just like not using the keyboard, I feel like I won't use 4g unless I have to use it. So the major (I guess) difference is sort of an "only if I have to" difference to me. Neither matter.
    I didn't want to get the Bionic because its $100 more than the droid 3, but everyone has told me get which one I really want, but I'm still torn.
    I use my phone mostly for apps, music, texting, calling, internet, and the camera- most definitely the camera, which was a down on the Droid 3 I've heard, many have said the camera was a let down, but my Droid has a great camera, personally. Also the battery life. I also thought my droid had a great battery life, lasting more than a day sometimes.

    In your opinion, which phone is the best to get? and why? Thanks
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    There's a somewhat informative thread on just this topic which started just the othery day...

    Advantage of Bionic over D3?

    Hope this helps! And good luck with the decision.

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    I went from the original Droid to the bionic and you won't be disappointed. Since I'm assuming you're grandfathered into unlimited data, you'll use the 4g more than you think.

    Sent from 1976 utilizing a 1.21 gigawatt connection. Yes, bionics were around then, they were still just working things out.
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    The Bionic also has twice the RAM. And yes you do get like 800 some MB of usable RAM. There was a topic over at XDA when the ATRIX came out confirming that you can use it.

    I don't think you'll be disappointed in either choice. I've heard some people trade in the D3 for the Bionic and say it performs better.

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