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Thread: chats on talk and ebuddy question?

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    htc droid incredible 2

    chats on talk and ebuddy question?

    i have the htc droid incredible 2 (verizon)
    can my parents view my CHATS online on their account ?NOT TEXT MESSAGES, I DON'T TEXT.
    for example, chats on "talk" and "ebuddy". or can they see who i chatted with, at what times ,etc.?

    also, what exactly can they see online?
    can they see stuff like what times i'm on my phone, what i've searched on the internet, when i play games, etc.

    and lastly, iits a bit different from the above 2 question but do ebuddy and talk require internet? i'm on the cheapest (30) data plan and have only 2G of internet provided by verizon. therefore, i use wifi and connect to internet when ther'es free internet.however, let's say i'm at a place where i can't connect; could i still chat without it using the verizon provided internet?

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    ....and this is why kids dont need a device with unlimited internet with no parental safeguards.....

    Keep looking your gift horse in the mouth.....if your parents have any parental skills left....youd be using a flipphone if you sneak around behind their backs like it sounds like you are trying to do.

    Chats are private unless they have your facebook password.....they appear on both the phone and computer.

    It uses data, so you can incur overages
    They can tell when you were on, again, only if they have your password.

    I promise.....any good parent worth their salt knows theor kids password. Too many dangers that kids are unaware of or think that they can handle when they cant. Its not about snooping, its about protecting.

    sent from my droid x while driving.....thank you tapatalk for making this possible
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    I hope you're not using your phone that your parents got you for illegal reasons or any other unsafe practices.

    We've all been guilty of sneaking around behind our parents back but times are much different than they used to be... Please be careful of who you are chatting with and of course don't try to meet them in person.

    If your parents want to know what you do online, it is their business, it's for your protection. Yeah you might feel like they're snooping around trying to get into every aspect of your life, but you're lucky enough to see that your parents do care for you that much.

    As for your questions, the only way they'll be able to see your activity is by knowing your passwords and way around the phone.


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