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Thread: Some WiFi glitches noticed...

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    Some WiFi glitches noticed...

    Post this to see if anyone else has noticed these issues.

    This morning (after 3 weeks of use) I had my first battery reinstall event;
    Last night I tried to turn WiFi OFF and noticed the green bar on the utility dim. I went to Manage my apps, and found it was trying to turn off the WiFi (I'm at edge of my WiFi service at bed). So then I placed it on the dock, and noticed it sensed the dock, then locked up. Nothing would work. I was able to shut the screen off and go to sleep. In the morning I found it would not turn back on, until I reseated the battery. Also, when turned back on the weatherbug was frozen and would not update, so I had to power off and restart after waiting a minute. Now...all back to normal.

    I suspect, based on other issues below, that the devices was hung up in WiFi as I was on the edge of range for my router. Also, multitasking (dock) seems to have caused a lock up, while this is going on. Battery was at least half full, so not that.

    And, in general, I am turning WiFi on and off alot, and noticing it is abit sticky...sometimes wont turn on WiFi until I go to manage my wireless services. Not sure if this is due to having so many wireless routers in my neighborhood being sensed (eight at least), but when I go to management screen it starts connecting instantly. Seems like about half the time it is doing this.

    Anyone else noticing the WiFi issues?
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    Occasionally when I turn WiFi on using the power control widget it does not connect and I have to go into the WiFi settings directly. It hasn't occurred often enough for me to think much about it.


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