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Thread: Clarivue Anti-glare screen protector for Droid

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    Clarivue Anti-glare screen protector for Droid

    Two weeks ago I got the Clarivue ultra-clear screen protector and wrote a review which can be read here. I wanted to try the anti-glare version so I e-mailed Clarivue and they happily exchanged my ultra-clear for an anti-glare version. They sent me the anti-glare version first so that my screen could remain protected in agreement that I would send back the ultra-clear protector.

    So now this review will cover Clarivue's anti-glare screen protector. Packaging was the same as the ultra-clear protector, so I will not post pictures of the package, only pictures of the protector on the phone.

    Two different backgrounds so that you can compare the color and contrast with the protector on. I apologize for the blurriness of the second picture.

    The application process:
    Application of this product was still very simple. This time around, however, I applied the protector while the hot water from my shower was steaming my bathroom. It helped with the dust a bit though I still managed to get two little pieces in there. I easily got rid of them with some tape.

    I learned from my previous experience and decided to level the protector so that the top and bottom have an equal amount of free space. In my previous installation, I made the protector align around the top edge, leaving me with 1mm of empty space on the bottom. Now that I've done it this way, it feels like it covers the screen much better.

    This is where I hesitated on the anti-glare version at first but it's really not as bad as I had imagined. Of course the matte finish affects the clarity, but I would estimate that I still get about 90% clarity. I should also mention you will notice small red/blue/green dots throughout the screen with a white background. I believe this is normal for anti-glare protectors and it's not incredibly troublesome nor annoying, yet...

    It was difficult to capture a good picture to illustrate how the screen actually looks like, however this comes fairly close.

    Along with the anti-glare also comes anti-fingerprints which is true to a degree. It reduces the visibility of finger prints by approximately 90% but you can still notice it, specially when the screen is off. It doesn't stand out as much as it would without it, but if you look for it you'll find it.

    The website doesn't promote a "smooth finish" so I was curious to feel how it would be like. I'm happy to report that the matte finish still gives the protector a very smooth finish. Also, as you swipe your finger, the protector will create a quiet "swoosh" sound which I find quite satisfying.

    From what I can tell, there is no lag between my touch and the phone's response. I know some have stated that they've noticed a slight lag when using the anti-glare protector, but I have had no such issue with this one.

    And finally it all comes down to, how's the anti-glare on this thing? EXCELLENT. How so? Well for one, your Droid will no longer serve as a mirror. Secondly, in direct sunlight, the sun will seem "washed out" thus making it much easier to view. If you use a mount in your car, this protector will block out all glare very effectively and give you the bright screen that you've been longing for. Case in point, this protector does a marvelous job at blocking glare while still providing great clarity to the screen.

    I am even more satisfied with this screen protector than I was with the ultra-clear. As for me, the fingerprints were killing me so I had to exchange it. I actually enjoy the feel of the matte finish more than the "glass" sensation.

    Final thoughts:
    Some people would argue that they prefer the clear over anti-glare because of the clarity advantage, but I cannot see a big enough difference to choose one over the other. Then again, I actually like the look of anti-glare.
    I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great anti-glare screen protector! You can't beat the price and quality!
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  3. Johnly
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    You put some time into that little review. Thanks. I would use them if I used screen protectors, but I like the "original" feel. I must say, there are times when I think I should at least have something on the screen.
  4. Junior Droid
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    Nicely done review. Thanks.

    I'm a big fan of matte finishes in general because of the reduced glare. I'd expect that the "roughened," non-smooth finish also can get dirty too. How easy is it to clean the finish? What do you use to clean the screen protector? Water? Lens cleaner? Anything specified by the manufacturer?
  5. Droid
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    It's very easy to clean, no different than how you clean your screen right now. I just steam it up a little with a quick breath and then wipe on my shirt or if my micro-fiber is around then I use that. Every once in a while I'll get soap water and spray it on a micro-fiber cloth and wipe it to remove all the oils.
    I'm not too sure what the manufacturer specifies to clean it but just a quick rub against the shirt or cloth works just fine.


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