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Thread: Background data ON or OFF for me?

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    Droid Incredible 2

    Background data ON or OFF for me?

    I recently got my Droid Incredible 2 and I love everything except.....the battery life of course.

    I hear rooting phones can help you adjust your phone and gain more battery life, but unfortunately i have never rooted a phone and would rather not try since its so new.

    I hear editing background data can help gain a bunch of battery life so i was wondering if someone could tell me (by the way i use my phone) if i should turn it off

    Heres how i use my phone:
    -I dont use weather. Infact its not even on my phone anymore.
    -I DO use Facebook (not a facebook widget), and it seems to update whenever i click on the app so i dont see why i need auto updating
    -I dont check my email on my phone

    I honestly dont see the point in auto syncing when i only really use facebook...

    I would also like to know other ways to increase my battery life. I have Smart keyboard installed (idk if i should take it off), and i have ATK put on safe setting...

  2. Junior Droid
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    You could get an extended battery from ebay.

    They are 3500 mAh compared to the stock battery which is 1750 mAh. That should double your battery life. I have a similar one for my Droid X. It comes with a new back cover that will make you phone a little thicker and maybe uglier but I think it is worth it.

    Droid Incredible 2 extended battery | eBay
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    Start with getting the task killer off. Also I turn off mobile data when I don't need it with a widget and I turn it back on when I need to browse
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pmoser View Post
    Start with getting the task killer off. Also I turn off mobile data when I don't need it with a widget and I turn it back on when I need to browse

    I toggle mobile data off when I'm not using it and it saves tons of battery life, especially if you don't have a great signal and the phone is struggling to find a connection anyway. I can live without push mail of facebook notifications as they happen.
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    get rid of any task killer.

    anything that auto-updates, turn off or if it must be on, set it to the longest interval.

    the facebook app itself, the notifications can be turned off.

    I'm not gonna tell you how to use your phone, but you're missing out on a huge chunk of fun if you only use facebook

    edit: for the record, I recently starting using auto-sync again. Yes I have noticed a drop in my battery life, but it's not as significant as you may think, maybe a good 5-8% drop from when it was off. I spent all day in an area where I struggled to get a signal and I just let it be, and ended my day from 100% to a good 53% (11:30am - 1:30am). And in case you missed it under my avatar, i do own an Incredible, which is notorious for it's bad battery life.
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    Be sure bluetooth is disbaled if you don't use it. I also leave GPS disabled. If I need either of these I just turn them on (there are many widgets which make these tasks easy). Brightness also kills battery. Keep it as low as you can or put it on automatic. You can calso check Settings -> About Phone -> Battery Usage. It will tell you what is taking up most of your battery life.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nano535 View Post
    I would also like to know other ways to increase my battery life.
    Analyze your particular usage (battery info screen or apps that provide this sort of info). Tackle your specific battery hogs. Don't randomly apply fixes. That's never an effective approach to troubleshooting no matter what you're trying to fix.

    Quote Originally Posted by LifeIsABeach View Post
    I also leave GPS disabled.
    I leave it on. GPS has no impact unless the receiver is actively used. You'll know if the receiver is being used if you pay attention to the notification bar. If you have apps accessing it without your knowledge then it may be easier just to turn it off.


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