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Thread: What is YOUR phones routine. Is MINE normal/healthy?

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    Talking What is YOUR phones routine. Is MINE normal/healthy?


    Just wandering what your phone routine is. For example, when do you charge your battery? How long is your battery lasting? And over night, do you 1. leave it plugged in and on 2. on without being plugged in 2. or off? Any specific things in your phones routine/cycle you could comment on?

    I have my breathtaking Samsung S2. It lasts me on average ~20 hours of moderate use. I charge it every night until it is to 100%, and then unplug it and turn it off. Is this the best routine for me to do? Or is there a better, smarter, healthier (phone wise) way of doing it?

    Cheers all!
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    Plug in my Droid X when I go to bed, unplug when I get up (phone stays on, in the dock). With normal use it'll be down to about 20-30% when I go to bed. Otherwise sometimes I'll also charge for a few hours while I'm at work.

    Lithium Ion batteries like the ones in our phones do not have memory, so charging/discharging them at random intervals will not hurt them. However, its a good idea to calibrate your battery with your phone so the software can give you the best readings. Here's a snippet taken from this great guide:

    How To Optimize Battery Life & Speed

    (note that you need root for this)
    • Turn you device off an plug into charger
    • Let your device charge until it reaches its maximum charge (100%)
    • Unplug your device from the charger
    • Boot into clockwork mod recovery & navigate to the advanced menu > clear battery stats > yes > back button or power button once to go back to main menu > reboot system
    • Once the phone is booted, let it fully discharge, by fully discharges I mean literally until the point that it dies.
    • Now re-plug your dead device back into charger and fully charge again (back to 100%), preferably while off.
    • Once fully charged, unplug from charger, boot up and resume regular usage
    • Your device is now fully re-calibrated
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    Li ion is li ion. Top it off as needed.


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