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Thread: Voice Nav Impressed Me

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    Voice Nav Impressed Me

    So just to play with my toy, I used it to navigate my way to the office (just in case I forgot lol!).

    I had to stop at the gas station. So I pulled off the road. Just about a few feet if that: a road-->curb-->parking lot deal. I was floored when the GPS came back just a split second after I pulled in with "turn right onto Scottsdale Rd" that it KNEW i had just pulled off Scottsdale Rd and was in a parking lot. So it is that accurate within a few feet? Wow. Much better than I was expecting. Some big satellite far far away can tell when I literally cross the curb? Wow. (Big Brother is watching lol!)

    It did get me to work. And when I got into the second subbasement of the parking garage (it is a concrete garage so not shocking that going down 2 floors of concrete I'd lose it) it even courteously blurted out a goodbye of "GPS Signal lost. Goodbye." LOL!!!!

    I now need the car dock. Have to find out when my Verizon is getting them in.
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    Yeah, the nav is great and quick when you make changes. It'll keep me from buying a Garmin.

    Can you get voice dialing to work from the Car app? One of the example for the search is "Call John Doe, mobile". When I try it, I get a Google web search rather than phone call.


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