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Thread: Need new Verizon phone - current phone Razor - bring me out of the dark ages

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    Red face Need new Verizon phone - current phone Razor - bring me out of the dark ages

    Hello all. Title says it all. I'm ready to enter the world of the smart phone. I need to check 3 email accounts fairly frequently. I also would use navigation and internet radio in my car. If the camera works well thats a nice plus. Other than that, web browsing to waste time more than anything else. I don't want a BB because they seem like a niche thing. iOS on my ipod doesn't impress me.

    I'm looking at these smart phones and I think wow, they are huge (but thin). I usually pocket carry my phone. Can you still carry these phones with their big screens in a pocket and not worry much about them? I would dedicate a whole pocket to it, no change or anything else. I fear I'd crack the screen quickly; I'd hate to have to baby my phone. Or are these things less fragile than I imagine? I would put a case and a screen protector on of some sort.

    As for phone choices, I'm with Verizon. Right now I'm looking at the Dinc2 and Tbolt. Really, the Tbolt only has 4g going for it. The big screen looks like more of a pain than a benefit, and the battery life worries me. I'm currently used to going a week or so on a charge. I know I won't get that with a smartphone, but I don't want to stay close to the outlet all day.

    I don't need 4g on my phone, but if it could somehow replace my $30 cable connection at home, that would be cool. Is the bandwith unlimited or are there caps? What are latencies like compared to say Comcast cable? Has anyone replaced their conventional connection with a tethered phone?

    After writing that, I'm leaning much more towards the Dinc2 over the Tbolt because of size and battery, but then there is always the game of whats coming out next. Does Verizon have any 4" or smaller phones in the near future? I could swing a bigger phone if I needed too. I don't want to get stuck with a "unique" phone - I want something mainstream that hopefully will be supported for a long time. To put that in firearms terms - I want the Glock 19 of smart phones.

    I hope this is in the correct section. Thanks for the help!
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    DI2 sounds like you all over, but I wouldn't count of replacing your home internet with it.
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