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Thread: Tablet conundrum

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    Tablet conundrum

    So I am palnning on getting a tablet for ereading/multimedia/news/gaming/etc when traveling. I am super happy with my OG Droid and see the deal in the Xoom if the leaked Staples ad is correct.

    My only complaint is the apps. Everyone said "droid is new, apple had a head start. The apps will come." Only problem is I haven't seen it yet for the phones so I'm hesitant about the tablet market. All the app developers seem to favor apple and I'm a musician so things like garageband excite me.

    Any positive outlook for apps like this (examples of announced things to come) or is the iPad 2 the better buy. I just dislike how apple nickle and dimes you ($40 smart cover or for the hdmi adapter wtf!).

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    Well....I think the apps will come. But if the Ipad is better for you then go that route. You have to see what works best for you and decide. I like the look of the Xoom and Honeycomb over the Ipads. It does what I would need a tablet to do so it will work for me. Maybe it doesn't for you. There's plenty of people around that have Android and Apple products.


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