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Thread: Verizon Tiered Data Plans This Summer

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    Verizon Tiered Data Plans This Summer

    Verizon Wireless will move to tiered data plans this summer | BGR#

    This is just copied stratight over from the above link to BGR..

    Speaking at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media, and Telecom Conference this afternoon, Verizon CFO Fran Shammo told investors that Verizon Wireless plans to move to tiered data plans in the near future. The plans, which could roll out as early as this summer, may be based on consumption, speed, or a combination of the two. “We are still working on the models,” said Mr. Shammo. The CFO mentioned that Verizon Wireless consciously decided against a tiered data option with the recently launched iPhone 4, noting that the company did not want to dissuade any potential buyers. When asked about the unlimited $30 data plan currently being offered for smartphones, Mr. Shammo quipped, “Everyone knows that isn’t long-term. We will move to tiered pricing in the mid-summer time frame.” What do you think Big Red customers? Sound off in the comments.

    If.. and thats a big if.. they allow the TB to be unlimited.. 2 year contract for me..
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    Well, as long as you can get grandfathered into the $30/mo. unlimited data plan......that's all I care about.
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    i hope i get grandfathered into it
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    Yeah, being grandfathered in doesn't last for ever though. All they do is change their service somehow so new phones don't work on it, then, when you upgrade, they tell you you have to choose a new plan that the phone will work on...happened to me before.

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    Honestly if they set it at 1gb for $20 like it is with tablets and such I wouldn't mind much. I don't usually use more than that. If they do it like att, that would suck.

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