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Thread: AT&T Commercials: On VZW you can't talk and surf at the same time!

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    As posted in another thread, if i were verizon, my response to that ad would be this map..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vulcan1600Rider View Post
    So, AT&T found the one thing that CDMA users can't do (except for on WiFi), in all practicality, how often do the AT&T users really talk and surf simultaneously?
    In reality? Most people never do. The one thing it would be nice for is Navigation, and receiving / being on a call at the same time.

    However, the data most people look up while on a phone call (contacts, emails ect) is not an issue as the data is usually on the phone and doesn't need to be downloaded. You can check information on your phone all day long while on a call.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Laurence5905 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Donkey Hodie View Post
    Besides, it's fun to see them pissing back and forth.
    Agreed! I find it funny that AT&T's commercials (the "post card" commercial in particular) keep talking about how their coverage extends to 97% of the American population... Of course they leave out the fact that 80% of that coverage is on their EDGE network, not 3G... Oops...
    Whenever I see the postcard commercial, I want to say... sure, they had to send you postcards because their calls kept dropping and that was the only way the could let you know they had AT&T
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    I just saw a new AT&T commercial where Luke is claiming the the AT&T downloading is faster than Verizon. But you never see where he's at other than inside. It's some secret area undisclosed because all the Iphone folks would converge on the spot and they'd soon be the same as New York and San Francisco, overloaded and threatening to limit in some way how customers use it. Fringe area for Verizon and strong signal for AT&T, it would be possible. Just tilt the conditions in your favor.
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