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Thread: Will a hard case damage the sliding mechanism?

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    Will a hard case damage the sliding mechanism?

    I have held a friends Droid with a clear plastic hard case from Verizon and it seems to pull the two parts of the phone apart and making the sliding very hard, even harder than it normally is. It seems as if this would damage the sliding, like make it loose?

    Thoughts or experiences? I really want a case though...
  3. Rescue Squad
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    I use this case...makes it harder to slide it, but not by much. Had it since day one on my phone, no problems from it
  4. Droid Newbie
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    Unfortunately I did damage the sliding mechanism by using a case... the case made it very hard to slide the phone open and now the screen is loose. When the space button is pressed on the on-screen keyboard a significant amount of "give" is felt. Also if I hold the phone sideways and hold it up to the light I can see a noticeable seperation between the screen and physical keyboard. Wish I would have returned it during the first 30 days of ownership because this really bugs me.
  5. Droid Newbie
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    The hard case separated my droid as well. After about a month of moderate use, it slides open about 1/4 inch without much force...just enough to put it in physical keyboard mode. Which I think silences/reduces notification and ring volumes. Not sure on that yet.

    I was able to correct it using the following method:
    (please be careful & your mileage may vary depending on severity)

    Remove from 3rd party case until "Naked".
    Remove Battery Cover and Battery
    Slide open keyboard
    Place aluminum/steel ruler flat on top of keyboard horizontally; meeting up with screen but not under.
    Support Droid from bottom as if typing in landscape/QWERTY keyboard mode
    Press down gently on ruler with thumbs. DO NOT Press on screen portion.

    NOTE: that it did take a while for it to come loose from the additional "wedging" by the case, so don't try to rush bending it back with one try. I believe there is an aluminum frame in the VZW MOT DROID and the additional plastic from the case causes it to warp. There was clear contact marks on the latch from the case under the QWERTY keyboard and on the case itself from "rubbing".

    It was able to tighten my DROID back up a little bit so it no longer slides by itself...I would say about 90%.

    Hope this helps.
  6. Droid Ninja
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    Yes, bodyglove hard case made it hard to slide open. Took it off and it is loose. Not a big deal for me, but I'm not using a case again.


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