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+1 for Incredible's battery life being terrible. Extended battery required for sure if you want it to last even a single day sometimes.

Fascinate's GPS sometimes still dosn't work (software issues solved, hardware issues still present in some phones). So if you go that route make sure the GPS works well while in the return period.
unless you're a real heavy user then you don't need to get an extended battery. I'm a fairly heavy user, especially on football days and the battery lasts. just expect to plug in the phone during the night when you go to sleep.

I have noticed lately that the battery life doesn't last as long. I only had the phone for two months....hope the battery is losing it's capacity so quick.

also the extended batteries also require a new battery cover, I believe, so expect the phone to be bigger.
Reading that one of his main concerns was wanting a super sexy phone I don't think he'll be draining his battery watching football ... lol. Just kidding.