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Thread: Email client

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    Email client

    I apologize ahead of time if this question has been asked and answered but i couldn’t find anything on this.

    Anyway my question is, is there an app for the droid that can show me all my emails in one place. Coming from a blackberry (which im so happy i got rid of finally ) its kinda annoying now to have to constantly switch between email accounts.
    I currently have 5 active gmail accounts that i use on hourly basis and im constantly having to switch from one to the other. Another reason is say i get a few emails then i have to go searching to which inbox it came to.
    well any help would be greatly appreciated.
    thank you ALL ......
  3. Senior Droid
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    I too wish the gmail app used an integrated mailbox. +1 on the request

    edit: Actually - we can use the 'email' app for gmail accounts too. That has one combined inbox.
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  4. Master Droid
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    If you are willing to give up "push" e-mails from Gmail, you can turn on IMAP in Gmail and just have it poll to the regular mail client.

    Alternatively you could have Gmail pull in all your other accounts into GMAIL and then you can manage them all from there (drawback is that the reply I believe will alway be from your gmail account)

    Although I don't understand the issue with "figuring out which inbox they came to" That would be what the notification is for, it tells you which one has new mail.

    And the main search bar works across both e-mail accounts so if you can't "find" it, you can search for it.
  5. Senior Droid
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    I believe the combined inbox colors accounts differently as well to tell messages apart.
  6. Master Droid
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    Check out K9. It supports multiple accounts.


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